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The pages of the website were designed and revised in accordance with the guidelines defined in the document 'Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0', drawn up by the WAI work group, part of the W3C.

The aim of these guidelines is to facilitate access to the information offered on the internet to all citizens. The main measures which have been adopted include the following:



The language used for the contents and their structure is HTML 4.01, and for the organisation and graphic presentation of the elements Cascade Style Sheets (CSS) have been used. All the pages have been validated as HTML 4.01 and CSS 2.0.


All the images contain a brief description by means of the attribute alt.


All the links contain a description by means of the attribute title.

Size of the text

The fonts used have relative dimensions, which enables the user to control their size from the browser they are using.


The website facilitates coherent browsing, maintaining the same structure on all its pages. This structure is composed of:


Logo situated in the top left side of the page

A horizontal navigation bar at the top left of the pages.

Another horizontal navigation bar at the bottom of each page, from which it is possible to access the Copyright, Accessibility, Legal Notice and Privacy Policy sections.

A central area in which the contents of the website are shown.



This website uses layers and cascade style sheets (CSS) for the visual layout of the pages. In this way, the content is independent of the presentation, and users who wish to do so can browse through the information disabling the download of style sheets on their browser.

Level of accessibility


If, during browsing, any user encounters any problem related to access to the contents, or detects the non-fulfilment of any point of verification of the WAI Guidelines, we would ask them to notify us as soon as possible to this email address:



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